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10 key features of EtherCIS

Enterprise Data Repository

There are databases, there are data repositories, there are enterprise data repositories.
EtherCIS is built to be a cradle to grave data repository for the Enterprise.

Structured & Narrative Data

The complexity of healthcare can be understood from the range of data involved; from highly structured dataset to all important patient narratives.
EtherCIS supports structured & narrative data - out of the box.


Analytics & Intelligence

Reporting. Learning. Informing. Smart healthcare organisations are learnign organisations.
Data drives Learning. Learning informs improvements.
Care cycle // Data cycle

Secure Access & Audit Support

Security matters - clinical data secured. Access matters - clinical access securely. Audit Support built in - to check and double check.



JSON & XML API support out of the box. Leading edge development harnesses the potential of GraphQL for next generation APIs.


Application Programming Interfaces out of the box- RESTful API ready to support your integration needs.


Open Source

Open Source is the right thing to do in healthcare.
EtherCIS is openly available on Github
Open Source License: Apache 2

openEHR Compliant

openEHR compliant and showcase reference implementation. openEHR is the worlds leading and defacto standard for building next generation of healthIT.


Java Based

Java remains the leading language in Enterprise Software Development. EtherCIS harnesses the power of Java- and brings it to the healthcare Enterprise.

PostgreSQL Persistence

Data Repository. Data. Repository. PostGreSQL is the worlds leading open source database.



The 5 Whys of EtherCIS

Clinical Data Repository

Healthcare is Information Intensive - Data: Information: Knowledge

21st Century Healthcare is under pressure, around the globe.
We need to work smarter not harder – to survive, yet alone thrive.
Currently Health IT is holding healthcare back.
We must raise our game in this information intensive field

EtherCIS is built for the challenges of 21st Century Healthcare.
Data. Information. Knowledge – healthcare needs better support with better tools.
EtherCIS offers healthcare that support.
EtherCIS built to support healthcare.
A Clinical Data Repository fit for 21st Century Health & Care.


Enterprise Grade

Healthcare needs frontline innovation. Innovation that scales

Healthcare is complex. Around the globe healthcare systems are creaking. The changes ahead need both strong leadership and real innovation. Clinical leaders and their innovation efforts at the frontline need our support.

Current HealthIT doesn’t help – it limits innovation and struggles at scale.
So 21st Century healthcare demands innovative technology ready for complexity and scale.
EtherCIS built to support healthcare – supporting the scale and complexity of any healthcare enterprise.

Structured & Narrative Data

Health and care information is complex. Structured Data + Patient Narratives

Healthcare information is complex, with a wide and vast range of data within. Within the complexity of healthcare data, key patterns can be found. Those key data patterns span from structured data to equally important narrative.

EtherCIS has been built to support any/all types of clinical data.
EtherCIS can handle the deep complexity of highly structured, big clinical data and patient narratives too- via a range of SQL, GraphQL and other approaches.
EtherCIS -built to support healthcare- from frontline care to big data analytics.

openEHR Support

Health IT is hard- to scale & maintain. openEHR has power & potential.

Healthcare IT is a science in its infancy. We recognise this and look for those who see the future. The openEHR Foundation & Community have an eye on that future.

EtherCIS leverages the power and potential of the openEHR Specification.
EtherCIS offers web ready RESTful JSON/XML API support along with the power of openEHR archetypes, templates and AQL.
EtherCIS built to support healthcare – leading example of openEHR in action.

Open Source

Healthcare is open. We’re sharing our code with the world.

Open Source refers to something that can be modified and shared because its design is publicly and freely accessible. We recognise open source as the right fit with healthcare. We know its the right thing to do.

Open Source has 3 key virtues

  • Unconstrained innovation – ideas and ambitions can be shared by folk who are oceans apart
  • Transparent credibility -allowing immediate detailed scrutiny immediately boosts credibility
  • Decentralized control – amendments and improvement can come from the bottom up


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